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PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc.
Manufacturers of Professional Spray Equipment, Tank Trailers and Accessories
Chico, CA 530-345-1334
Fowler, CA 559-834-6921
Murrieta, CA 951-696-5477

Not your average equipment manufacturer.

We have decades of experience in every department of our company who all participate in making your purchase a pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and where most manufacturers focus on mass production and profit, PBM focuses on delivering an excellent product that will last at a reasonable price. Our sprayers and tank trailers are built with the best quality components to make certain downtime is minimal and parts are readily available.

PBM has built spray equipment, tank trailers and pretty much any piece of equipment that the inquiring client has requested for many years. This eventually developed into a line of interchangeable components with a wide variety of options, allowing nearly all of the equipment we offer to be modified to meet most any application. In fact, there are so many options and even options within options, that it would boggle the mind.

We still encourage person-to-person communication to make certain you get the equipment you need. So please feel free to gather all the necessary requirements for your applications and give us a call.

With the exception of a few of our smaller sprayers PBM builds your sprayer to order. Our lead time is generally between 7 and 14 working days for sprayers. Highway Rated Trailers and larger skid sprayers, (over 110 gallon), may take a bit longer.

Throughout California, PBM has Stocking & Master Dealers who can help you with ordering, parts, service and repairs. We deliver our equipment to these dealers at no additional charge on our next available truck. If you need your sprayer before our next truck or by a specific date, shipping by another means can be arranged for an additional fee.

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